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By: Bajec210
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Date: 3/15/2016
(Edited slightly for spelling, clarity, and brevity. Also added some *additional MF areas.)

Sorceresses are the best characters to do MF runs. The reason is obvious: Teleport. Because of the teleport and massive damage (if skills are put correctly), they can wipe the floor easily. They have a big problem though - immunes. That's why a MF sorceress should use combination of 2 skill trees. In my guide they will be FIRE and COLD. Watch out for the Cold/Fire immunes Meteorb MF Sorc AIUJFJjLEaFejDwMFPgDB6skt9YYKOAAQDBMSlS9GiMMVAogX+iUUoMiBgIhJ2zUEvjmQp9ArRJdaTSIDw8ZIEgMzENkhIINC4KQ2jKFwg2Bf2R1IhAmDiUBBzh5MWShjqdRHdwsmQVMj6UnBgboAqTFFBgyAwMgSjVkhYs2EvAEWCiQA5IeVeTsyJImypGFEKwo+BAiVpkMri7tyoGrkDBblUQ4qYCFSiYzGhDcKSFJDA1fvEw0OKBDgKgCNWawWABLSqgip5o8wICGAIABmwDQQqVplR1hilTsmcPkzCMuRmBMSuDj0EBBv+CwgcSgRYJFkbp8oivwhZ8IE6DMA10YEAA7.

Strength: Enough to wear your gear.
Dexterity: Again, enough to wear your gear.
Vitality: Sorceress must survive! Put all your extra points HERE
Energy: If you are pesky, you can put few points in the beginning. I suggest NONE


Fire tree:
Fire bolt: 1
Warmth: 1 (with +skills mana regenerate will help you a lot)
Inferno: 1
Fire ball: 20*
Blaze: 1
Fire wall: 1
Meteor: 20 (your 1st main skill)
Fire mastery: 20
* Fire ball will become so powerful at the end that you will hardly need meteor.

Lightning tree:
Telekinesis: 1
Static field: 1 (A one point wonder!)
Teleport: 1 (This is how you move around)

Cold tree:
Ice bolt: 1
Frost nova:1 
Ice blast: 1
Glacial spike: 1
Blizzard: 1
Frozen orb: 20 (your 2nd main skill)
Cold mastery: 8
Frozen armor: 1 (optional)

The goal here is, to try get as many MF possible without sacrificing too much damage.


Shako + Perfect topaz/Ist**
Obvious choice. +2 to all skills and +mana and + life... it's really a dream. With perfect topaz you'll get MF.

Tal mask + Perfect topaz/Ist**
Only use this if you tend to use the whole set!

Magic sorc circlet with +sorc skills, mana and fcr + Perfect topaz/Ist
It's a decent replacement for shako, but I don't know why you would choose this, especially because it's more expensive than shako.

Poor choice:
3 socket Magic helmet with +resists and possibly some other good mods. Socket with Perfect topazes.


Tal rasha's armor + Perfect topaz
I tend to use 3 items tal rasha combo for MF bonus. It has good defense which will help a lot.

Skin of Vipermagi + Perfect topaz
+1 to all skills and resists make this a decent replacement.

Lidless wall + Perfect Diamond/Um
I chose this for the +1 to all skills, max. mana, fcr and decent defense. Perfect diamond will give you resist that you need.

Spirit runeword in Monarch (Tal+Thul+Ort+Amn)
+2 to all skills, fcr, mana and life and resist... I don't think this is alternative. You can find it equal or even more useful than Lidless. But that's the thing of taste.

Poor choice:
Rhyme runeword (Shael+Eth)
Resists and MF.


The Occulus (+ Ist)
+3 to sorc skills, MF and fcr. This is the best choice.

Heart of the Oak runeword (Ko+Vex+Pul+Thul)
+3 to all skills, fcr, resist. It's all good. But Occulus has MF Meteorb MF Sorc AIUJFJjLEaFejDwMFPgDB6skt9YYKOAAQDBMSlS9GiMMVAogX+iUUoMiBgIhJ2zUEvjmQp9ArRJdaTSIDw8ZIEgMzENkhIINC4KQ2jKFwg2Bf2R1IhAmDiUBBzh5MWShjqdRHdwsmQVMj6UnBgboAqTFFBgyAwMgSjVkhYs2EvAEWCiQA5IeVeTsyJImypGFEKwo+BAiVpkMri7tyoGrkDBblUQ4qYCFSiYzGhDcKSFJDA1fvEw0OKBDgKgCNWawWABLSqgip5o8wICGAIABmwDQQqVplR1hilTsmcPkzCMuRmBMSuDj0EBBv+CwgcSgRYJFkbp8oivwhZ8IE6DMA10YEAA7

Wizardspike + Ist
Nice mana bonus and with ist it gets some MF.


Tal rasha's belt
Like I said: I tend to use 3 piece combo from tal rasha. Max MF is 15%. Try to get close to that.

+1 to all skills, slows the target, fcr, It's the next best choice, if you do not want to use tal rasha's.


Chance gloves
It's mostly because of the MF. Max is 40%.

Mage fist
Mana regenerate, +1 to fire skills, but no MF.


War Traveler
Again because of the MF (sorcress doesn't need CB Razz). Max is 50%.

Resists, frw (you'll be using teleport anyways). It's a good alternative.


SoJ: +1 to all skills, mana.
Nagelring: MF
Dwarf star: Fire absorb...

You can use any combo from those rings. (SoJ+Nagel, Nagel+Dwarf, 2x SoJ...)


Tal rasha amulet
The third piece of tal rasha! +2 to sorc skills, some resists.

Mara's Kaleidoscope
+2 to all skills, resists.

Weapon on switch (w)

There's 2 choices:

Call to Arms runeword (Amn+Ral+Ist+Ohm)
Gives you barb warcries skills that boost your life, mana and defense, and skill levels!

Spirit runeword in Monarch (Tal+Thul+Ort+Amn)
You don't need fcr, this is just for the skills

2nd (MF option)

Choose it if you can afford it Meteorb MF Sorc AIUJFJjLEaFejDwMFPgDB6skt9YYKOAAQDBMSlS9GiMMVAogX+iUUoMiBgIhJ2zUEvjmQp9ArRJdaTSIDw8ZIEgMzENkhIINC4KQ2jKFwg2Bf2R1IhAmDiUBBzh5MWShjqdRHdwsmQVMj6UnBgboAqTFFBgyAwMgSjVkhYs2EvAEWCiQA5IeVeTsyJImypGFEKwo+BAiVpkMri7tyoGrkDBblUQ4qYCFSiYzGhDcKSFJDA1fvEw0OKBDgKgCNWawWABLSqgip5o8wICGAIABmwDQQqVplR1hilTsmcPkzCMuRmBMSuDj0EBBv+CwgcSgRYJFkbp8oivwhZ8IE6DMA10YEAA7

4 socked crystal sword with Ist's in it.

4 Socked shield (monarch) with ists in it.

Switch your weapons just before you kill the boss. You'll get that MF bonus that you need. You can choose other items that has MF bonus, but I think this is max.

Sorc torch: +3 to sorc skills, resists etc.
MF SCS (Small charms): Max MF on sc is 7%.
Horadric cube: Extra space
Gheed's Grand charm: Max MF is 40%.
Annihilus: +1 to all skills, resist and attributes.
Skillers: Fire, Cold (Not necceseraly)


Act 2 Nightmare Defensive Merc.
Why defensive? It uses holy freeze aura that will freeze and slow down the monsters that will try to attack you. Very helpful, especially for larger groups.

Helm: Crown of Ages, Andariel's Visage + ral, Shako
Armor: Fortitude runeword
Weapon: Ethereal Breath of the Dying War pike, Insight Poleaxe/War pike, Infinity runeword(Lololol)

Where to MF:
Mephisto(NM+H): You can get decent gear MF-ing him.
Andariel(NM): Can drop SoJs in NM.
Nithalak(H): Can drop some high runes
Cow runs(NM+H): Can also drop some runes
Diablo(NM+H): Can drop almost anything in hell.
BAAL(NM+H): The ultimate boss! Drops EVERYTHING in hell.
*The Pit(H) in Tamoe Highlands can drop almost any item in the game in hell.
*The Mausoleum in The Burial Grounds(Cold Plains) can drop good gear in hell. NO cold or fire immunes there!

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