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Post by Admin on Wed Mar 23, 2016 3:57 pm


2. Be excellent to each other.
*Exhibit respect when engaging with each other and this forum. There may be members of all age groups here. We interact with respect to everyone at Lubasz4gaminG. Regardless of demographic.
*Please try to keep the language clean around here.
*Do not post or link to obscene video, images, or language. Please be considerate.

3. No double posting.

4. Be sure to start topics and replies in the most relevant place to your dialogue in the forum.
*e.g. I would start a topic in "Member Introductions" if I wanted to introduce myself. Not in "Flash Games."

5. All penalties as a result of breaking any of these rules is at the complete discretion of administrators
and moderators here at Lubasz4gaminG on a case to case basis. We reserve the right to ban for any reason.

6. Welcome and enjoy your stay here at Lubasz4gaminG.


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